Welcome to the Church of Corona

Corona is among us. This is the new order. Corona is the first true world religion.

Do not doubt Corona. Do not trust the deniers. They claim Corona does not exist. How silly their graphs, facts and figures look! As if they could refute death.

The governments of the entire world have stipulated hard constraints on their citizens. Isn’t this proof of the might and power of Corona?

Deniers will go to hell. Do not let them drag you down.

Follow the simple Five Commandments of Corona:

  • Do not doubt Corona! Facts are evil.
  • There is no other god next to Corona. Freedom is an illusion.
  • Wear your mask! Do not speak in public.
  • Keep your distance! Do not touch other fellow earthlings.
  • Relinquish your children. Corona knows it best.

Corona brings us together. The new religion unites the world.

Praise Corona!

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Photo by John Price on Unsplash

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